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The Corona Diaries

Hey you, yes you how are you coping right now?

Has Corona affected you and your family or have you kept safe and indoors? Are you stuck for things to do or are you busier than ever getting things done you never really have time for?

Are you looking to keep your brain and your body active… Well you’re going to want to check the Corona Diaries out!

I was asked to write and share an Online Workout on the TheCoronaDiaries  

Obviously I did, if you’ve see the number of workouts I’ve been doing (both helping me stay motivated and all my clients) then you’ll know I love to sweat!

The editor of this blog has put together some wonderful collborations with writers, artists, and online event organisers, showing you how #StayingInIsTheNewGoingOut

You’ll have tips on how to keep your kids active and enetertained to what to wear at home to make you feel epic!

She’s even got some recipies that can help you become your very own master chef!!

So stay home, keep safe, have a read and get active.

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