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Let's keep it simple!

You will only hear from Push with Ush via email when there is a promotion, offer and/or some exciting news or just a general update of the life of Ush.


When I refer to ‘we’ ‘our’ ‘I’ or ‘us’ that means Push with Ush. Push with Ush is based in Wokingham, England and our online store operates worldwide.


Personal information or personal data means identifiable information about you: your name, email, delivery address, number, payment and/or comments. If you can not be identified then this Privacy Policy does not apply.


When you visit, the only way personal data has been collected about you is what you have provided to us directly in the following form:

• Purchases

• Registering/Subscribing

• Conversations with Ush


What is done with your information:

Name: I like to respectfully address you properly and not only just say Hey There, Hi or Hello.

Email address: To keep you up to date with promo’s, offers, new products and release/launch dates. Also, to ask for feedback after a purchase has been made, of your shopping experience and when you have received your goods: how you like the products. You can opt out whenever you like.

Delivery address: To make sure your products that you have purchased are delivered directly to you and no-one else, unless you have purchased a product as a gift and getting it delivered to the lucky person.

Payment information: To create orders, for the sale of products and if any refunds that need to be made. Rest assured, I DO NOT see your information and we do not keep them. Payment can safely be made through this site.


If I am unable to collect data from you then I am unable to provide products or services to you properly.


I promise to protect you: I’ll keep your data safe and will NOT sell it to any party. However, your name and delivery address will be disclosed to our delivery contractors. Well, they need to somehow get your purchased goods in your hands.

Thank You!



Push with Ush

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