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I’ve been scared to say this out loud…

It’s true;

  • because of my fear of other people’s perception of me.

  • because I fear they will look at me and laugh.

  • Because I fear they won’t believe in me.

  • because of my limiting belief in myself and my skill set.

  • because of my own perceptions of myself in that I don’t look the part and I’m not at goal.

But today I watched a training module by Jay Shetty on perception and I realised it was ME and my PERCEPTIONS which had been holding me back from proudly saying…


(My Level 3 Certificates say so!)

I am also a qualified BOXERCISE Instructor, a certified CIRCUIT TRAINING INSTRUCTOR and finally, I am a qualified FIGHT KLUB DnB WORKOUT INSTRUCTOR and hopefully soon BAG BOX too.

Phew! I said it out aloud, my certifications prove I’ve done the education and I have the knowledge and it feels good to finally have the strength to say this. Without fearing other people and their perceptions of my achievements and body or rather… What I think their perceptions are.

And I know, some people may look at me and say… ‘but she can’t reach her toes’, ‘she isn’t a runner’, ‘she isn’t slim or doesn’t have abs’ but you know what… I don’t need to look a certain way to be able to coach and teach. I just need the knowledge and the ability to pass this on to people who want it. Luckily there are people who want a PT who’s been on her own journey and had to work hard to get where she is.

Why did I become qualified?

I think those that truly know me, know that even when I was a bigger girl Personal Training was something I’ve always dreamed of doing. The idea of helping others on their health, fitness and wellbeing seemed natural to me. Maybe because I’m a nurturer at heart, because I care about others and I love building trusting relationships… Or maybe it’s because it motivates me to see others doing well with my help?! (Selfish? Maybe! Who knows…)

Yes, health was important to me, but for years I did nothing about it… However, I’ve always dreamed of being super fit (I’ve not yet reached that point)… but don’t be fooled, I’m extremely happy about the journey I’ve been on to get where I am today. I mean how does one lose 20kg (admittedly with some yo-yo-ing over the years) without some kind of dedication to the cause?!

I also know that with focus, determination and consistency I will reach my goal… But now I will do this alongside helping my clients get to theirs.

Talking of my clients, I want to send a huge THANK YOU to everyone who believed in me (and still does); to the girls at my last work place who told me to sign up when I was kicking the idea back and forth in my mind ‘is it too late, am I too fat, can I even study biology!’ (Yep I got a C in my GCSE and never went back to it!).

To the girls that let me train them on the sly in the gym at lunch times!

To the ladies who trusted in me as soon as I qualified and let me build training programmes for them both online and face to face. To all my clients for giving me the chance to prove myself to them.

To all of you I thank you, because if it wasn’t for your belief and trust in me I’d probably be sitting at a desk somewhere doing something I didn’t love! (I don’t mind sitting at a desk doing something I do love however!!)

So what now?

  • I’m going to fearlessly state that I am a Personal Trainer when people ask what I do.

  • I’m going to own my fitness journey and be proud of it.

  • I’m going to work hard at making it as a trainer.

  • I’m going to work hard at looking after my clients health & wellbeing.

  • I’m going to challenge those that make me feel like I don’t belong in the industry (because I do!)

  • I’m simply going to be FEARLESS in the pursuit of the life I’ve dreamt of and I’m not going to let anything, especially myself hold me back. I will get out of my own way…!

I want you to take away one thing from this post… not that I will own my role as a trainer but…

That you also have the power to own your life. Let go and change your perception of negative things, the past, people or things that hold you back and be brave enough to turn your back on it and move forward. When you change the way you look at something, you’ll change your world.

Love always

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