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How to Stay Fit On Holiday

Summer is officially here…

The kids are breaking up from school or you’ve taken a well deserved 2 week break from work to go travel to a new desitnation but… You’re a worried about piling on the pounds after months of looking after yourself right?

Don’t you worry girl… USH IS HERE TO PUSH!

So I love travelling, if you know me, or follow me on social media you’ll know I’m actually in Lake Garda as I write  this email!

So far this Italian road trip has been a dream for my eyes and belly… But here’s the thing, I used to go home from trips like this with easily an extra 7-10lbs … Ask my friend Vicky, when we went to The Amalfi Coast I put on 8lbs in 10 days! urgh….

However, after making my pretty big lifestyle change I rarely go home putting on more than 2lbs – and tbh most of that is water retention because I’m not used to eating such rich foods every single day. (By rich I’m talking about Gelato, Pasta, Pizza, Chips, Wine etc – you know vaycay food!)

So how do I stay fit on vaycay… And I’m not gonna tell you to eat salad every day (Even though last night I chose a beautiful tuna and burratta salad!) …

The 1 thing I can advise is MOVEMENT! 

Whether you’re staying at an all inclusive resort ro travelling around like me there is alway a way to get movement in…

• Maybe you have a gym in your resort (then take one of my programmes)

• Maybe you have a 5 mile beach you can walk or run on daily

• Maybe the walk into town is 20 – 40 mins – then do it!

• Maybe your resort is on a hill (walk up and down)

• Maybe you have the options of hiring a bike for the day (then take it)

• Maybe you took some booty bands with you (use them … I have and am!)

• Maybe the pool is huge and you can swim laps (urm so swim)!

Are you following the trend?

MOVEMENT on vacation is important… Especially if your body is used to it.

Look even if you love chilling at the pool or in the roof top hot tub (like me yesterday – wearing my first ever bikini!) you can always move…

Yesterday we took a walk around a beautiful castle town in Sirmione Di Garda. And after getting my 12k steps (and a cup of gelato) in I spent 2 hours chilling like a villian in a hot tub!

So look girlfriend, it’s a holiday right…

So eat yummy food

Drink yummy cocktails or wine

Have a cup of gelato

But just don’t eat till you’re sick, take smaller portions, enjoy flavours, really taste them, appreciate them… THEN


Wherever you’re going this summer, I hope you have a good one

Be Healthy

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