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Archetypes, Al Kuhl and Dom Perignon

As you know (or may not know or even care) I've been doing my Dharma and Soul Purpose Qualification...I'm at week 13 so half way there! YAY

Anyway one of the things that lead me to pursue this coaching path through fitness and now life coaching, is because I have always know I am a nurturer and connected to something bigger than myself, that my soul was here for a purpose, that purpose is to help women... btw this may get a bit weird!

I have (since being a kid) had this feeling that there is more out there... This lead me (very slowly) into my spiritual path... First by starring up at the night stars and then into crystals, vision boards, and more...

Oh and by no means am I the perfect spiritualist or fitness coach for that matter, I enjoy a glass of wine now and then and love a potato - fried usually!

Oh sidebar, supposedly as a spiritual person you shouldn't drink and the word Alcohol comes from the word 'Al Kuhl' which means dark spirit or dark influencer of evil in Arabic. But on the other hand Dom Perignon was a Benedictine monk who was integral to the creation Champagne in 1693. (told you this might get weird).

Anyway I digress... I love to learn about life, about things bigger than you or I, I love delving deeper into who I am and how I came to be...

I love this idea that we have the power to create our present moment, the power to manifest a life we want to live, a body we want to live in and we have the power to control our nervous system through breathwork and meditation.

And I've done so many quizzes, had my tarots read, had astrology readings, human design readings (btw I'm a manifesting generator... have you found out who you are yet, it's so interesting), I've had my Vedic astrology read, I've had my body spiritually cleansed and I have crystals in most corners of my home.

Now, I think it's really interesting and somewhat important to understand who you are as a soul, as a person and as a human being.

It's so helpful in how you conduct yourself, your work and your relationships.

It helps you to understand why you may react in certain ways, do certain things and have certain thoughts.

It also helps you understand how you show up in this world and if the way you are showing up is right for you and so much more...

So I wanted to share the quiz I did which will help you learn more about who you are. It's a free quiz and it's actually one my Dharma coach created.

My top 2 archetypes are Nurturer - yep I love to hold space for people, to guide and to nurture them to a better place and my second switches between Entertainer (aka I love hosting events, planning trips to make people happy and well sometimes I do the social media thing) and the other is Warrior - hence my love for fitness, movement & tribalism (group activities) and also my very protective nature when it comes to people I love or things I'm passionate about! (e.g. my parents and their current drowned house situation).

You might be saying "but Ush, you've put on weight how can you be a warrior"... well as I said it switches, and also where I was in my Dosha cycle had a massive impact on me... But now, oh but now, I'm in such a different place, and I'm getting my warrior back, I will tell you more soon.

Anyway, why am I sharing this?

Just because I think taking this quiz could really impact the way you show up for yourself, and that's it. So enjoy, and let me know what your archetype is by reply if you want, I'd be super interested in learning if you already show up in your life, work and relationships as your archetype.

Love and Health always

If you want to work with me on my new Life and Fitness Coaching programme starting 6th March or just want to know more check out this link

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