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Love Fitness,
Love Life


10 weeks to fall in love with your LIFE:
mind, body & soul.

Have you
been feeling
stuck lately?

Are you
hard on yourself
and your

Do you love
your body or
hate it?

Do you
feel like you've
lost your

Do you
need a bit more
magic in your

Do you want to change that?

Are you ready to elevate your life?

To work with a coach who understands how it feels to not love her body and life?

To work with a soul inspired life and fitness coach?


To work with a coach who has changed her own life and helped hundreds of
Asian women change theirs?


Learn how to upgrade your habits?


Be more confident in your training?


Have more LOVE, COMPASSION and BELIEF in yourself, your body and your abilities

Join me for 10 weeks and I will help you:

This is the most comprehensive, wellness coaching programme I’ve done!

My purpose which is to coach YOU to be the best and happiest version of yourself. 


And for you to leave me feeling energised, fitter and loving your life!

In this is a wholistic lifestyle & fitness coaching programme, I will teach you to be the best version of yourself through physical fitness, 1-2-1 coaching session, educational videos.

Why work with me?

  • I am a qualified Personal Trainer of 6 years 

  • I work with only women and am a Girls Gone Strong Level 1 coach 

  • A Boxercise Coach 

  • A LDN Muscle Nutrition Coach 

  • I am Reiki Level 1 Certified 

  • Working on my Soul Purpose and Life Coaching Certification

But more than that, I am a woman.

A woman who’s recovered from Bulimia, Abuse, Self Abuse, Emotional Eating, a woman who knows what it’s life to Yo-Yo diet (and try all the sliming clubs out there!!) I’m a woman who’s lost over 35kg (and put 12kg on), who’s had the worst stomach disease possible (H-pylori) which had me in a head fog for over 16 month… but also a woman who is determined to succeed, determined to be healthy and have a strong and long life. 


I’m also a woman who’s fallen back in love with herself and her body… and through self love have realised it is not hard to have the body you want and be happy! 

These 10 weeks will be life changing and I’m only looking to work with a select number of women who are ready to FALL IN LOVE WITH FITNESS AND WITH LIFE.



I promise you will leave with:

Education, tools to help you move forward and you’ll feel fitter,
stronger and more energised with a
higher vibration for life.

What will you get from me?

  • 3 x 45min Live workouts a week – Monday/Weds/Fri at 6:45am
    (These will also recorded so you can do them in your own time if you can’t make the life session)
    A total of 30 workouts (value £1,350)


  • 5 x 1-2-1 life and soul coaching with Ush – (value £750) 

  • Commitment that I will show up for you in best form for each workout

  • That I will give you the education you need to change your life

  • A small community of women who are on the same path as you

  • That I am your coach, to hold space for you on this journey!

You will be my priority for the 10 weeks.

Love Fitness, Love Life Programme Value: £2,572.00


But you won’t pay that! NOPE

This programme is not just a health and fat loss programme, instead that is only part of it … I am here to help you step into the new health, a healed version of you.


Over the 10 weeks we will be covering a number of topics from nutrition, fitness, energy balance, gut health and female hormones. But this programme will take you above and beyond that… In fact we will go deeper to help you heal so that you can grow and elevate your life, shifting weight and more. 


Discover how to change your life through: 

  • Meditations and 5D visualisations - guiding you to your ideal health and fitness 

  • Inner child healing and shadow work - healing you from any past trauma that may be stopping you from hitting goals 

  • Affirmations and Dream mapping - this is like goal setting but on a bigger level 

  • Somatic healing therapy - mind-body techniques to help you release any pent up energy

  • Shifting from negative self talk to self worth, love and belief

  • Clearing abundance blocks


This programme is about resetting the mind, reconnection with the body and reenergising your life.


All this educational and life changing content you will keep for a year so you can revisit time and time again. 


All 30 workouts are yours to keep for the 12 months.

Love Fitness, Love Life package Value: £2572.00

But you wont pay that!!


The programme

What do I want from you?

  • I want your dedication for 10 weeks 

  • I want your commitment to joining the group calls weekly (or watching them back on replay) 

  • I want your commitment to book and turn up to the 1:2:1 sessions 

  • I want your commitment to train with me 3 times a week or on replay 

  • I want you to commit to eating well for 10 weeks 

  • I want you to commit to yourself, to give yourself grace and for you to enjoy this process


So how much is it Ush?
I will never charge you £2572.00 for the Love Fitness, Love Life package. 



  • Because health and fitness education should be accessible

  • Because I love what I do

  • I want to help you get to a place where you are happy and can sustain it 


You need to commit your energy to this process for it to work so the energy exchange is below:

Love Life, Love Fitness Package: My early birds will pay only £444, for all of this! 

This can be split over into 2 instalments at £222 per month to make it easier for you. 

This is open until the 27th Feb, after which it will go up to, Last Minute energy exchange of £555 for the 10 weeks.

Early Bird
£222 per month
(2 instalments)

Upfront Early Bird
£444 per month
(1 payment)

So now it’s up to you. 

How much do you want it?

How ready are you to put yourself first?


I would love to work with you but, are you ready to

live your best life and work with me?

Do you want ......

Sign me up
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