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Wow, where did this sun come from?

The weather is finally getting better right?

We all know that training in cooler weather is much easier that in the heat... but as we go into summer I thought I'd share some tips for heat training that I learnt from my stint in a Thailand bootcamp... Why because we don't want to pass out from over exertion when training outdoors or at home.

So where to start?

1) Don't just assume you'll be ok going from fair weather training to intense heat training so you need to start slow and you need to start aclimating in the spring

2) First time you train in the heat, do a slower and shorter than usual workout - they say it take your body 7-10 days to get used to heat training so each day go that little longer or harder but as I said before don't jump straight in!

3) Train early in the morning or later at night and try to avoid training in the highest heat between 12 - 4pm.

4) Make sure you wear moisture wicking clothing, which takes the sweat away from your skin into its fabric - as we know sweat is the bodys way of cooling and reglating its core temperature so removing it allows for your body to continue this job!

5) Stay hydrated - this helps your body sweat, it will also help to keep your blood levels as close to normal as possible, maintaining blood volume is essential for oxygen to reach your muscles and brain.

6) Drink Electrolytes - this helps to repenish the body with minerals and salts you lose through sweat

7) Walk in the heat before you run in the heat

If all that is too much, get yourself to an air conditioned gym and be done with training in the heat! :D

Whatever you decide to do enjoy your summer training in this gorgeous weather!!




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