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How does searching for a soulmate and fitness relate!?

It’s 2020 and one of my goals this year is to meet,

Mr Right.

My soulmate, the one I’m going to have kids with, travel the world with and just snuggle up to!

2nd Jan was my first date, a Romanian guy, who on the dating app looked like he was based in Windsor (oooh fancy!) turned out he was down from LEEDS and only down for for NYE – oh well NEXT!

5th Jan was my second date, a really really hot Iranian guy… I genuinely felt a connection and left feeling he was the man I’m going to marry, turns out he met someone else he felt that about and ghosted me!

Then last week I met an Italian, lovely guy but talked a lot about himself and gave me an overview of his ENTIRE LIFE TO DATE then went on to ask ‘so what’s your life summary?’ urm sorry dude I’m not sure this is how conversations work!

Then finally I had a date in the diary with an half Indian half Italian, Diamond Dealer… oh yes! Pretty handsom guy, great phone convo skills (not as great as the Iranian btw!) he planned for us to meet on Friday night and then I never heard from him again. Yup there was my second ghosting of 2020!

Oh sorry that’s not final, there’s this underlying guy who I’ve been hanging out with on and off for over 1.5 years now. He likes me but isn’t ready for anything more… But this week I found out he’s still active on dating sites! Yup, I think 1.5 years is enough now Ush, time to ‘let him go’ ….

So here I am doing everything in my power to put myself out there to meet Mr Right, go on dates, have conversations, being positive about meeting the right guy for me, for whom I am enough… But you know what my conclusion is… I can do everything right, I can be charming, I can be sexy, I can flirt, I can hold back, I can initiate conversations on Bumble or Hinge (I don’t use Tinder)… But I have no control of the outcome!

I have no control over whether a guy likes me, whether I’m good enough, or dress well enough, or funny enough, or sexy enough, or charming enough or independent but not too independent enough … It’s exhausting! (I feel like Charlotte in Sexy And The City).

But what I do have control over is how I feel about myself, how I love after myself, how I look after myself and I’ve learnt that good health & fitness is the key to that!

So tell me are there areas of your life you feel you haven’t got control over?

Is health and fitness one of them?

Well, It doesn’t have to be.

Why not book in a free call about my 1-2-1 or 6 week group programmes and let me help you gain control.

As always stay healthy!

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