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Are you Interested or Committed?

I wanted to ask you when it comes to your fitness are you Interested or Committed to it?

Why? "When you’re interested in something you only do it when it’s convenient, but when you’re committed to something you accept no excuses and only results!" – Kenneth H. Blanchard

When you boil it down (literally anything in life) It’s all about whether you’re simply interested in making it happen or if you’re committed!

I can tell you one thing, every single woman who I speak to is INTERESTED but only a few are COMMITTED, committed to themselves & bettering their lives and health.

I love it when I meet a committed and determined woman, it means no matter what life throws at her she will find a way to cover come and continue her progress.

The thing with committment is that, you only accept results, no matter if your weight loss plateaus or you hit an emotional roadblock (because you’ll just jump over it!) It might take a moment but a commited woman is exceptional!

Interested women – take little action

Interested women – look for excuses to fail

Interested women – don’t demand results


If I was simply interested in losing fat, I wouldn’t have lost 32kg 

If I was simply interested in dropping size, I wouldnt have gone from a 24 to a 12/14

If I was simply interested in helping others, I wouldn’t have gotten off my backside and built a business to help women with their health.

The thing is, an interested woman has the exact same thing inside her to succeed, she just doesn’t tap into it.

A committed woman, taps in, turns it on and chooses to MAKE IT HAPPEN!

So which are you my darling?

Are you committed to changing something you’ve always dreamed of changing, or are you interested and you’ll continue to wish for it (or wish for a miracle fatloss pill) but won’t take a chance on yourself?

If  you’re ready to make a committment to yourself, if you’re ready to get fit, feel amazing, glow with health then you know what to do…

I’m here, ready and waiting to coach you, to guide you, to be your cheerleader…

I love my job & I’d love to help you.

Click here to book your FREE consultation call

Lets chat and switch something you’re interested in, into something you’re committed to!

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