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Covid19 - What's going on right now?

Can you understand it, are you freaking out or are you able to relax and stay focussed?

These last few weeks (months) around the world have literally been in a word INSANE. I never once thought in my life that I would see such a pandemic rippling across the world and with such speed! Sometimes I feel like it’s a nightmare and at other times I’m so positive in that it’ll be over soon!

With people clearing out supermarkets within minutes of restocked shelves, how do we keep faith as well as our strength up during this time?

It’s so hard to keep faith in most of humanity… We can definitely see that a lot of humas are selfish… And if you took the news as ultimate truth you’d literally think everyone was evil right now.

However… What I’ve noticed whilst still going for walks and being outside or even in the gym up until Friday night… Is that people are coming together.

There is laughter and chit chatter between late comers in the supermarkets, ‘can you believe all the milks gone’ etc, when you’re going for a walk people are saying good morning, how are you… but at the same time keeping their distance, lots of people in the gym were making sure hands and equiment were clean ‘omg this is the cleanest the gym has ever been’ etc… So honestly there is hope.

I do think that a little isolation is going to do us all some good, if anything just to simply reconnect with who we are.

It’s said that 2020 was going to be the year of CLARITY, the year we took back our lives from social media, from advancing tech, from A.I. 2020 is the year we start to figure out our purpose as humans, as individuals and as a collective… I think that the Coronavirus and this worldwide pandemic is the begining of this.

Yes, I felt people becoming more inward and aware of themselves during the first few months of the year… But I think this worldwide TIMEOUT will help so many more realise that the path the were on … maybe wasnt the right path for them.

Oh don’t get me wrong everyone will go back to doing what they were doing and not too far in the future we’ll look back and think how did we let that happen… But the most amazing thing that will come of this is that there will be more awareness of our planet, our families, our purpose.

So yes, we can keep faith and yes there is a silver light at the end of this.

So what’s my part in this… Well I’ve decided that now gyms are closed to create Live Online Fitness & Wellbeing Classes where you do not even have to leave your home.

The first Online Circuits class kicked off on Thursday 19th at 7pm with over 30 live attendees, Saturday mornings Wake and Stretch went down a treat too! Currently these live classes are free in my Facebook Group for a trial week, I’m also looking at potentially getting yoga teachers and other fitness instructors involve and creating a full timetable where people can attend any class they want online.

There will be a minimal fee either per class or per month to access all classes once the trial is over … But honestly all I can say is that we do not need to let go of our fitnesss and our mental health whilst at home! And this is one of many ways!!

So why not Join My Group today and get yourself involved… you never know you might find a new way of training!

Stay safe, stay clean, stay healthy and I’ll catch you soon.

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