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A qualified and insured Online fitness coach

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Why work with me?

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First of all  thank you for trusting me with your health, that fact that you got here means one thing. . .

You’re ready to change your life and become the best version of you. This doesn’t mean the smallest version of you. . . In fact it means, the happiest, healthiest, most loving, passionate and active version of you!


Asian Female Fitness Coaching isn’t just a plan that you go on for a 3 or 6 months. . . No, this is a programme that will change your life, it will reset your mind, it will help you create better habits and see you focus on creating your healthy lifestyle, whilst losing fat / building muscles and still enjoying your Active Dual Cultured Social Life!


Why have I decided to focus on Asian Females only?


Well it’s who I am through and through! I understand what it’s like to navigate 2 cultures, (British and Indian) to love Asian food, have to be the perfect daughter but also the career woman and also how hard it can be to say ‘no’ to your mothers cooking when you head home for the weekend (and not only because you love all the buttery goodness, but also because it would more than likely offend her!!)


Another thing is, I’ve seen what lack of health and movement can do to us as we get older! (a lot of Asian women seem to age before their time). Ensure movement & fitness is part of our daily lives and help Asian Women cook, live healthy and eat their beloved food in a healthier fashion.

After going from a dress size 24 to a 12, losing 32kg and I finally found balance,


I am a:

• Level 2 Fitness Instructor

• Level 3 Personal Trainer

• Pre and Post Natal Specialist 

* Level 1 Girls Gone Strong Coach

• LDN Muscle Nutrition Coach


If you’re ready

to take action then,

I’m ready for you!

 A healthy life starts with your mindset 

- Work with an Empathetic PT -

I've been where you are and I can help you get to where I am and beyond!

- Learn to adopt new habits -

Change your mindset for a stronger and healthier lifestyle.

- Increase YOUR confidence -

Imagine having the confidence to rock that outfit, those jeans or that swim suit.

- Feel empowered -

Imagine feeling empowered to make the right choices for your mind and body.

- Work with your body -

Learn how the female physiology works and work with your cycle and your body.

- Learn a diet that fits your life -

Imagine a diet that lets you enjoy your life and the foods you love, but, still encourages FAT LOSS!


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