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Sweet Caroline

On Saturday a beautiful talented woman, who was only 40 decided that life was too much to handle and she took herself away from further turmoil in this life.

I genuinely had nothing to say when I found out; she was my age… I’d returned home to a friend's house after spending the afternoon at a Brunch Party to find out this news. I don’t even watch #LoveIsland! But this… It shocked me and upset me to the core!

The reason I went to a brunch party? Because I’d felt so lost, so down, felt like I was living a life without much purpose that I just needed my friends around me, a shake up and a dance off. And… It helped.

If you’ve ever felt low, sad, not enough, like you have the world on your shoulders or have had clinical depression. I understand, I spent years hiding myself under a veil of jokes, feigned happiness and fat! I want you to know that you are enough and it will get better.

I know I talk a lot about health & fitness, but that’s because it changed my life, it changed my mindset and it made me stronger.

But fitness isn’t just about what you look like, it’s mainly about how you feel, it’s about mental strength, it’s about becoming your own hero, it teaches you to love yourself today, not tomorrow but today, because you are strong… It teaches you that sometimes you need help and it’s ok to ask a stranger to spot you.

And here I am tell you that IT IS OK to ask anyone for help and that YOU WILL BE OK.

This might be the shortest blog post you will ever see written by me, but I simply wanted to say that I AM HERE.

If you’re struggling – I AM HERE

If you need a shoulder – I AM HERE

If you need to sit in silence – I AM HERE

If you need to cry – I AM HERE

Just reach out, because I AM HERE

And please people #BEKIND you have no idea what someone is going through.

Love always

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